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CryptoLeo - Be the King of Pride
Rakeback is a new and exclusive CryptoLeo benefit, which essentially lowers the amount of money you spend by giving you a bit of every bet back.
Rakeback is calculated as a return percentage on each of your bets, depending on the edge that the house has on you theoretically. For every bet you make in the casino vertical, you get some of the bet back, which is equal to the percentage of your level’s rakeback from the respective house edge. The percentage of rakeback depends on your level.
The more you wager, the higher the winnings. The rewards cap at a generous 25% Rakeback, so what are you waiting for? Play, bet, win and rake your cash back in!
Up to 25% Rakeback
Instant Rakeback for each bet possible
No wagering requirements
No limits on maximum Rakeback amount
Rakeback percentage depends on your level
Available on all slots
Rakeback periods
Rakeback is available instantly after accumulating a reward amount of €0.1
Rakeback is available 7 days after your bet is placed
Rakeback is available 30 days after your bet is placed
In a nutshell:
  • Rakeback rewards are valid for 60 days after crediting
  • Bonus funds do not qualify for Rakeback rewards
Below you can view all the rewards that you have received over a certain period of time.
Rakeback reward levels
Users in these categories profit from increased Rakeback bonuses
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